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But even you are starting to feel antsy, which can only mean that summer vacation is over. But before you dive head first into your professional pursuits, take a moment to ensure that your foundation is solid.

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And if your living space is filthy, clean it up so you can focus! Repaint your bedroom, plant an herb garden, or simply rearrange your furniture. Even the most subtle changes to your environment will help shift your perspective, triggering innovation, creativity, and—perhaps most importantly—direction.

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Saturn, the taskmaster of the zodiac, has been moving in retrograde since late April, and the money flow is barely trickling. Though Saturn will happily support thoughtful financial decisions, it will absolutely veto any frivolous spending.

Sexuality and your Zodiac Sign

Mid-month, consider putting together a budget for the remainder of There are only a few left weeks in the year, you might as well get your money right! Libra season begins on September 23 when the Sun moves into this sociable sign.

Sagittarius Sign Dates & Traits

You love meeting interesting people, creating new experiences, and sharing exciting stories. The next few weeks will be all about expanding your horizons, so this is an excellent time to connect with like-minded people. Though a few shameless selfies never hurt anyone, remember that social media is more than hashtags. Under the influence of a Sagittarius planetary cycle, we may feel pumped to travel, learn, connect across cultures and expand our horizons.

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Prepare to collect some passport stamps as this fiery sign loves to blaze a trail from Bali to Burma to Boston and beyond! Sagittarius is ruled by expansive Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system. Leaping without looking is a Sagittarius habit. Not surprisingly, his was the largest temple in Rome. Sagittarius desires the biggest and best, at times to the point of excess and indulgence.

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In fact, Jupiter was the mythic god of the feast. People with Sagittarius in their charts may quickly expand in girth. These signs end every season—and have learned the hard lessons taught by spring, summer, fall and winter.

The mutable signs— Gemini , Virgo , Sagittarius and Pisces —know that all good things come to an end, and their role is to prepare everyone for the changing of seasons. Mutable signs are the adapters of the zodiac, a little bit older and wiser.

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  4. Mutables are also the editors of the zodiac—the ones who complete the package with a winning touch. A plan can be sparked by a cardinal sign, built by a fixed sign, then perfected with the critical eye of a mutable sign.


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    Send in the clowns! They have a gift for seeing the absurdity of human nature and turning it into comic material. This sign is ruled by the Centaur, a half-human, half-horse mythical creature. Busy Sagittarians have a million friends, projects and irons in the fire. As a result, they may not be the most reliable day-to-day allies.