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You share a lot of the same values, though, and this relationship will be more stable than most. You tend to be reserved at the beginning of a relationship, Goat. You have a hard time showing your emotional vulnerability.

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Geminis, on the other hand, tend to be very talkative and usually lay their cards out on the table right away. This could end up scaring you away.

Cozmic Love: VIRGO + CAPRICORN (Sun Sign compatibility by pro astrologer Joan Zodianz)

Additionally, you both examine the world intellectually. If your noisy Gemini can learn how to tone down the chatter when you need quiet time, this relationship just might work. Looking for more love insight? You tend to keep your emotions to yourself, Capricorn, which can make you a tough nut to crack. The truth is, you can learn a lot about the feeling world from a caring, nurturing Crab. Not only will this have a positive impact on your relationship with your Cancer, but on your friendship and family bonds as well.

You can teach him or her how to be objective and keep the wild mood swings in check. Leos love to give affection and gifts, especially at the beginning of a relationship.

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Can it ever work between a Lion and a Goat? Yes, but only if both of you are prepared to do a lot of compromising and work really hard. You always finish what you start and do the best job you can. You value honesty, quality, and order.

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These traits will be very attractive to a Virgo, someone who is also responsible, dutiful, and efficient. Get your love questions answered now. Libra needs to be with someone who mirrors their grace, artistic nature, and most importantly, sense of fairness. To your Libra, a life without sharing and beauty is no life at all. Obviously, the two of you are very different. Capricorn and Scorpio Match Compatibility and Love.

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