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What Star Sign You Should Date Based on Your Zodiac

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Aries (March 21 to April 19)

You are fascinated by how the world works and are an especially astute observer of people. Your insights and words carry power, so resist the urge to shoot poison arrows when you feel betrayed or hurt. You vigilantly guard your privacy and let only a select few into your innermost world, but you are very loyal to those who win a place in your life.

Setting your own standards for success is important to you—and those standards tend to be high and defined by your personal values and principles. Once you truly know what matters to you, you are capable of achieving just about anything you set your mind to. Known for your prowess in the bedroom, all-day love-fests are one of your favorite things. You know just when to turn on the charm and when to back off and give your suitors the chance to pursue you. When you finally let go and really connect emotionally, you do so with just as much intensity and fervor.

When he is turned on, his macho confidence shines and he will pursue you ardently. And when you get behind closed doors, he wants to enjoy his victory in the bedroom, over and over again.

He is there for the main event and he will push you both to new levels of pleasure by keeping things strong and simple. And once he has decided that you are the one for him, he will pull out all the stops to try and please you. When he finally settles down, he wants to take pride in his partner and have a traditional happy home.

He is great at networking and making connections so he is an ace at mixing business with pleasure. If you can help him strategize his climb to the top, all the better. He is ready to put in long hours on the job as long as he can balance this with physical activity and time in the great outdoors. The man is a homebody.

For such an assertive manly man, you may think he barely takes a break. But actually, he is quite proud of his home and loves spending time there. A confident woman who can get along well with his friends and family. A sociable partner who helps him shine and chase his goals.

He adores being outside.

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A sports game or amusement park where there is endless adrenaline that follows you home into the bedroom. Flatter his healthy ego, and spend lots of time in the bedroom! He takes care to set the right ambiance and loves to create a scene that stimulates the senses. In fact, you may find yourself waiting at a simmer while he whips up a decadent dessert for two or cues up his new favorite playlist. He is especially sensitive to your every touch and loves hot showers and long massages to get him in the mood. While he takes his time warming up, once he has set his sights on you, he will be dogged in his determination to win you over.

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The constancy of his attention is flattering and once you find your groove you can create your own indestructible bond, in and out of the bedroom. He may even become overly dependent on your time and attention. Thankfully, these outbursts blow over just as quickly. At heart, he wants to have an easy and functional lifestyle, filled with things that bring him joy and delight his keen senses.

He is very shrewd financially and has a long-term approach to money matters. With his distinctive skills and strengths, he will find an interesting niche within his chosen field. Finance, technology, and humanitarian efforts may catch his attention. The more he is encouraged by others to pursue his own vision, the more likely he is to distinguish himself. The great outdoors is his natural habitat. Even the most refined Taurus man may have a rugged woodsman lurking beneath. He has great taste.

Expect birthday and holiday presents to be a major jackpot! Listening to music while cooking dinner together, wine in hand. Arouse his passion for culture by going to a concert or gallery exhibit.

By not coming on too fast. Keep it slow and steady with Mr. As a keen observer of human nature, you are very aware of your image and the impression you make on others. As such, you cultivate your presentation carefully. Sometimes you prefer an Earth Mama vibe, while at other times, you choose to tap into your ripe sensuality.

Your purposeful personality radiates from the intense gaze you fix upon whatever or whomever you desire, be it objects, objectives, or other people. Travel and spontaneous adventures are high on your list of indulgences. You are curious about the inner lives of people in other parts of the world, so when you roam, you tend to return home with treasures.

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You work hard at school and generally see good results. You understood from a young age that achieving good grades and excelling in your studies will help you realize your passions later in life. You particularly enjoy subjects that offer you a vantage point to study people and things related to business and politics. You have a knack for finding the perfect internships to suit your interests. You may have grown up in an unusual household. There may have been an untraditional family dynamic or perhaps your parents lead an eccentric lifestyle.

Depending on how much you enjoyed this environment, it pushes you either to embrace the same path or to find your own equally unique and rewarding home life. There is a romantic undercurrent pulsing below the surface of your personality and this manifests in everything you do. You especially love lounging with your closest friends. You revel in carefree days lazing at the beach, listening to music, and daydreaming. Time near the water particularly soothes you and makes you happy. You tend to be quite vigilant about keeping up your health and enjoy being active. You are a natural at sports, and outdoor activities like running, hiking, and swimming get your blood pumping.