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Last updated September 8, Share this project. The King of Spades - Sagittarius. Details of the K of Spades. Pisces - Q of Spades. Details of Piscis. Aquarius - J of Spades. Details of the J of spades. Leo - K of Hearts. Details of the K of Hearts. Gemini - Q of Spades.

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Details of the Queen of Hearts. Cancer - J of Hearts. Details of the J of Hearts. Libra - K of Clubs.

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Details of the King of Clubs. Aries - Queen of Clubs. Details of the Queen of Clubs. Taurus - J of Clubs. Details of the Jack of Clubs. Scorpio representing The King of Diamonds. Details of Scorpio as the King of Diamonds. Virgo as the Queen of Diamonds. Details of the Queen of Diamonds. The J of Spades as Capricorn. Details of Capricorn.

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Ophiuchus - The Joker. Detail of Ophiuchus. Ophiuchus Constellation by the IAU.

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This episode describes astrological aspects. Transiting planets moving from the 3rd house to the 4th house bring your attention to the foundations of yourself and the foundations of your life. In this brief Jazmin Asks: What does it mean if you were born during a solar eclipse?

Planets transiting from the 9th house to the 10th house reach the highest point in your chart called the Midheaven. This is where your energy goes out into the Join Danielle Paige as she discusses the energy surrounding the summer eclipse, how it affects your present life and how to use your birth chart to guide The Leo Midheaven is here to be recognized and seen, often driven by a strong sense of Self. In this teaching video, I guide you through the energy trail of the This video talks about the effect of all planetary transits in the month of July on all the ascendants.

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This month has 2 eclipses - Solar eclipse on 02 July Me, Edwin Learnard, talking about being born on a Lunar Eclipse in astrology. September Horoscope MP Need An Astrology Reading?

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  6. Thank you for watching! To order a Natal chart interpretation, please follow this link Registration Registration Link This 5 minute tutorial will teach you the 'derivative houses'. Learn how to 'turn the wheel' to get more meaning and richer understanding from your astrological Are you ready for the next 5 years? Join Abigail Barella as she discusses the Lunar Eclipse and talks about how this can affect each of the houses in astrology as well.

    To schedule a reading with COM Feel free to email and definitely like the Facebook. See you soon! On January , a Leo lunar eclipse will paint the full moon blood red. Here's what this might mean for your zodiac sign—and the world at large, explained by We arrive in June with new energies and healing themes that encourage us to open, expand, and flow into higher soul imprints.

    The Gemini New Moon asks us Lovely energies coming in over the next week as the Sun makes favorable connections to Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto. Energies are building from the Taurus T-squares involve one opposition and two squares between 3 planets or points. This aspect can create an inner energy of difficulty, challenge, or frustration A yod aspect, or finger of God, is an energy of pressure and tension on one point or planet in your chart.

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    A yod involves two quincunx planets at degrees How to interpret an Eclipse in your chart video How to interpret an eclipse. House Location of the Eclipse in Your Natal Chart video I'm going to be discussing a more personal interpretation of tomorrow's total solar eclipse on Facebook live tonight at pm Italy time am in LA!